7 Reasons Christmas Light Projectors Beat Old Fashioned String Lights

November 08, 2017

7 Reasons Christmas Light Projectors Beat Old Fashioned String Lights

If you’re still using old-fashioned string lights, we get it. You’re a traditional person and you resist technology trying to take away everything we’ve valued for so long. That’s probably why you’re still using a typewriter, sending mail via the post office, own a rotary phone on a landline and watch your shows on a black and white television!

All kidding aside, advancements in technology have finally come to the holiday decorating scene. Our laser and LED Christmas light projectors have been designed to be bright and beautiful and help simplify and keep safe your holiday decorating ritual.

Here are seven reasons you should ditch your old-fashioned string lights and make the switch to a laser or LED Christmas light projector!

7. Safety First

One of the biggest reasons people turn to Christmas light projectors as opposed to traditional strings lights is the safety factor.

According to recent reports, accidents involving holiday lights have spiked in recent years. There’s no reason to break out the rickety ladder, get on the roof and put your life in danger when you can buy one simple laser or LED light projector and have the same quality display!

6. Easier to Setup

Along with being safer to setup, our Christmas light projectors are so much EASIER to setup too!

Assembly is as simple as turning a few screws and, to set up, all you’ve got to do is stick it in the ground and plug it in! Especially if you’ve got family who’re growing older, these lights can give them the amazing displays they desire with none of the hassle.

5. Easier to Break Down

As with the set up, you can imagine that the break down is pretty easy too!

Nobody wants to be the family who keeps their lights up until Easter but, when it’s still frigid and the holiday hangovers are upon us, the last thing anybody wants to do is get back up on the ladder to take the lights down. With our laser and LED light projectors, it’s as easy as pulling them up from the ground and unplugging!

No muss, no fuss!

4. Perfect for Multiple Holidays

One of the complaints we hear the most from traditional string light customers is the pain of setting up for multiple holidays.

First, you’ve got to get the Halloween decorations up, then you’ve got to take them down, then it’s time for the fall and Thanksgiving decorations, which last about a month, and then it’s Christmas and on and on through Valentines Day and the Fourth of July.

It can feel like you’re stuck on a holiday hamster wheel!

The good part is, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got projectors that are equipped for all the major holidays meaning you can get off the holiday hamster wheel for good!

3. Dazzling Displays Between the Holidays 

Even if there isn’t a major holiday right around the corner, our lights are perfect for everyday entertaining as well! Use a laser light projector to create unique lighting designs for your next garden party or get-together!

2. Sounds AND Sights

In addition to everything else—the easy and safe setup and break down, year-round use and in between holidays—some of our holiday light projectors do something that traditional string lights simply cannot do: make beautiful music.

That’s right, some of our lights are able to play holiday favorites so you can have both and incredible feast for the eyes as well as a treat for the ears! If beautiful music isn’t what you want, especially around our spookier holidays, some of our lights offer creepy sound effects that are sure to make friends and family of all ages scream with glee!

1. Savings that Can’t Be Beat

We know that everyone is trying to save a little extra coin for those holiday gifts, so a new Christmas light projector might not be at the top of your list. That’s why we’ve put many of our most popular lights on sale so you can have your gifts and new lights too!

Likewise, outfitting your whole house in traditional string lights can get expensive fast, especially when most companies have begun turning from incandescent bulbs to LED lights. But just ONE of our Christmas light projectors can cover over 3000 square feet of your home!

One laser or LED light projector does the work of hundreds of individual string lights!


It’s not too late to make the switch. Traditional string lights were great in the past but we’re in the digital age now, and the winter will be much brighter with laser and LED Christmas light projectors!

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